3 Smart Travel Tips

Learn how to look your best for travel photographs, select clothing for travel, and save space when packing for wrinkle-free clothes, from Eva Scrivo, author of Eva Scrivo on Beauty: The Tools, the Techniques, and Insider Knowledge Every Woman Needs to Be Her Most Beautiful, Confident Self.

Look your best for photographs
Unlike photographs taken at events such as weddings or reunions, pictures from a vacation usually do not capture us looking our best. Yet we show them off for years to come. If you know you will be photographed at a special destination or a picturesque spot, make sure that your clothing does not clash with the backdrop. During my trip to India, on the day I visited the Taj Mahal I wore a cream-colored top and scarf that I knew would look great in the photo with the surroundings. This may sound like compulsive planning, but being photographed at one of the wonders of the world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I knew that I was going to have those photos forever. You will be thankful for years to come by making sure that at times like these you are wearing something flattering and your hair and makeup look good.

Smart packing tip 1: How to select clothing for travel
Plan ahead and lay out your wardrobe on the bed to begin the “editing” process. I place my shoes on the floor near my potential outfits so that I can mix and match and see how everything works together. Omit items that you can do without to avoid overpacking. Think about ways to maximize what you have by pairing things and layering them, which should allow you to pack even less. For instance, bring a cardigan that can work with a skirt, pants, and a dress. Select a blouse that is versatile enough to go with the pants and the skirts you are bringing. And choose a pair of shoes that look good with all your outfits. Always pack flats for walking and heels for going out to dinner.

Smart packing tip 2: The space-saving, wrinkle-free packing solution
Because I often travel for work, I have gotten packing down to a science. Here is the most effective way to fit more items into carry-on luggage and ensure that they will not be wrinkled upon arrival. Instead of folding each garment, lay them out on top of each other and roll them into one large, compact parcel. Start with one article of clothing and smooth it out on a flat surface. Be sure to smooth away any wrinkles with your hands, since creases will lock into the fabric once it is packed. Place another piece of clothing on top of that one and smooth it out, and so on, stacking them like pancakes until you have assembled a nice flat stack. Fold in the sleeves on top of the pile and carefully roll the entire stack inward, as if it were a yoga mat, into one big roll. Your shoes (tucked in shoe bags) should be placed around the perimeter of your suitcase, with the roll of clothes in the middle. Compress it with your hands before closing the bag. Upon arrival, you will be surprised at how smooth your clothes have remained.


How to Glow on Your Wedding Day

You want to look fresh and dewy cheeked, but you also want your groom’s head to turn. Achieve both with this step-by-step makeup application guide from Lauren Luke, YouTube sensation and author of Lauren Luke Looks: 25 Celebrity and Everyday Makeup Tutorials.

1. Prime the eyelid all over to just above the crease with an ivory frosted primer. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply the pale lilac eyeshadow over the top of the primer.

The Palette
-Ivory frosted primer
-Pale lilac frosted eyeshadow
-Grape-colored frosted eyeshadow
-Raspberry matte powder blush
-Cream highlighter
-Matte peach lip liner
-Rosy-gold creamy lipstick
-Black mascara

2. Use a blender brush to apply the grape-colored eyeshadow. Dab it onto the outer corner going out to the bone and work back along the crease, pushing the brush into the inner corner.

3. Smile, and use a fluffy brush to gently tease the raspberry powder onto the apple of the cheek. Flick the brush back and forth to blend well.

Then apply highlighting cream, starting from the outer eyebrow, down under the eye in the shape of a C, across to the center of the cheekbone. Blend the highlighter into the blush to create the dewy effect.

Tip: The dewy effect is created by a combination of raspberry matte powder blush and cream highlighter.

4. The lips. Start by drawing a Cupid’s bow with a matte peach lip liner. Make sure it is a good natural color so the line won’t look harsh. Outline the top and bottom lips and then fill in with the pencil (you will need something underneath the lipstick when you kiss the groom). Then apply a creamy rosy-gold lipstick. Finish with a touch of black mascara — to the top eyelashes only.

Lauren Luke, author of Lauren Luke Looks: 25 Celebrity and Everyday Makeup Tutorials, is a 27-year-old single mom from England who is the poster child for the power of new media. Her homemade makeup tutorials showing viewers how to recreate celebrity looks became an Internet phenomenon.

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