Make Your Own Laundry Spot and Stain Removers

Here’s how to be a spot hotshot with powerful, do-it-yourself spot removers made from common household ingredients. From Linda Cobb, “The Queen of Clean” and author of The Royal Guide to Spot and Stain Removal.

I love natural products, and I love things that I can make for pennies and still have them work better than the products I could buy at the store. Here are some of my favorite laundry spot removers. Use them just as you would over-the-counter products, but take note: many of them are designed to take care of specific spots and stains.

Start with a clean spray and/or squeeze bottle, and always be sure to label any product you make. It’s important to know what the bottle contains and what it was intended for. I like to include the recipe on the label too — that way I can mix up additional product with ease. Cover the label with clear packaging tape or a piece of clear adhesive sheet to protect the label from moisture.

These spotters are all intended for washable fabrics. If in doubt, test in an inconspicuous spot, such as a seam.

General All-Purpose Laundry Spotter
Combine the following to make a generic spotter that works on a wide variety of stains:

1 part rubbing alcohol
2 parts water

If you use a large spray bottle you can add 1 bottle of alcohol and 2 of the alcohol bottles filled with water. Spray this on spots and spills, wait a few minutes, and then launder as usual.

Beverage, Fruit and Grass Remover
Combine equal portions of:

white vinegar
liquid dishwashing soap

Shake well and work the solution into the spot. Let stand a few minutes and then launder as usual.

Non-oily Stain Remover
Combine equal portions of the following ingredients:

liquid dishwashing soap

Shake well, and work the solution into the spot. Let stand a few minutes and flush with water. This solution works well on stains such as milk, blood, perspiration and urine. Do not use on washable wool, silk, spandex, acrylic and acetate.

Oily Stain Remover
Combine the following:

1 tablespoon glycerin
1 tablespoon liquid dishwashing soap
8 tablespoons of water

Work the solution into grease and oil stains. Let sit a few minutes, flush with water, and launder as usual.

Again, remember all of these spotters are for washable fabrics only and none of them are for silk, wool, spandex, acrylic and acetate. When in doubt, test first!

Previously the owner of a cleaning and disaster-restoration business in Michigan, dealing with the aftermath of fires and floods, Linda Cobb, author of The Royal Guide to Spot and Stain Removal (Copyright © 2001 by Linda Cobb), started sharing her cleaning tips in a local newspaper column. After moving to Phoenix she became a weekly guest on Good Morning Arizona — then the product endorsements and requests for appearances started rolling in. A featured guest on radio and television shows across the country, Linda Cobb lives in Phoenix with her husband.




One thought on “Make Your Own Laundry Spot and Stain Removers

  1. What is a good everyday stain remover for clothes ( most all clothes) that I can make cheaper. Now we use spray and wash but we use a bottle a week or so and it gets ,exspensive. Also, can u make your own laundry detergent that is good for clothes and hypoallergenic. We use ALL clear now and is also exspensive.
    Thank you so much for sharing all this great info with us!!!!!!!
    My husband is out of work for a year now and no money coming in yet and every penny helps!

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